Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Movies

I saw a couple of films over the holidays.

National Treasure

I saw the trailers for this in Florida and thought it looked extremely cheesy, as with any Bruckenheimer film. But it's actually not too bad. The plot is ridiculous (modern day treasure hunt around some American landmarks) but it comes off alright. I was surprised to see it get a PG rating but no one dies so I guess it's justified.

House of Flying Daggers
The follow up to Hero with some great martial arts action, visually stunning but suffers from that awful drumming soundtrack, which I just don't like. The plot in this is a little weaker than Hero, concentrating on a love story rather than an epic tale.

So 2 films that were just OK

Monday, December 27, 2004


Once again my family and friends spoiled me.
I got

A digital camera
Various tops
Lord of the Rings DVD (The 3rd bit)
Little Britain DVD
New Boots
Various Toiletries
A cool book on 1000 movies to see before you die (that's quite an undertaking).
A weird diary that sets you a task each day of the year, if I followed it religiously I'd have emigrated to New Zealand (Jan 5th) and pretended to be the Messiah (Jan 2nd). That's just the first week.

I also got some cash that I used to buy some ipod accessories. I'm also thinking of joining the NFT, which will allow me to see some of the earlier movies in that book.

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