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This is a fairly hefty report written for those who can't make the event. For those who are thinking on going it's loaded with spoilers. You've been warned. 
2015 had been a pretty quiet year for Banksy with just a small number of pieces coming from a trip to Palestine finding their way onto the internet for all to see. So it was a nice surprise to read of rumours of a show in the UK being confirmed with the announcement of Dismaland, a parody of a company who's parks I enjoy, but who's money making I don't. So something theme park related and from my favourite artist, I'm sold! So when the event was announced I rearranged my plans to get there on the first day.
Using Bristol as a base it was an easy 30 minute train ride down to Weston-Super-Mare where the event was being held, on the site of the former Tropicana Lido.  On the way I passed this first installation.
(pic from The Tropicana opened in the 1930s and wa…