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In March 2012 some friends had arranged a trip to Kuwait and asked if I'd like to come along. One flight ticket booked later and I was in. The plan, as ever, was to visit the known theme parks in the country and then research the country to find some more. There were 7 known parks and my research had found 4 more that had coasters. I'd also found around half a dozen other parks that could be checked. A German friend Thomas was also planning to visit the country just before us and kindly accepted to do the groundwork in looking at the smaller parks, and of course confirming the coasters at the 4 I'd found. So with much thanks to Thomas here's our a report of our much easier than it should have been  trip to the country.
The parks we visited Cartoon Network World This is a small indoor park located in the shadow of the tallest skyscraper in the city, the Al Hamra Tower. 
The building in which the park can be found has seen better days and on entering it you ca…