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Park: Phantasialand

Our second park of the weekend was Phantasialand, one of the best "theme" parks in the world, and by "theme" I mean the park has spent a lot of money on the detail of the ride rather than on a license and a minimal attempt at associating the ride to that...Pay attention Six Flags.
So the park announced a new coaster Taron, and the theming looked incredible. The ride had received mixed reviews from those that had already gotten to it since it opened a few months ago so it would be interesting to see what we thought.
It was clear that a lot of the people in this park were here to ride this too, and the queue which was kept moving by the excellent operations still took around 2 hours to get through in the morning and was just over an hour at the end of the day.

The new area in the park is called Kugelheim, a Game of Thrones type Nordic town surrounded by impressive looking basalt arrangements.
The track is pretty long at over a kilometer in length and each ride takin…

Park: Walibi Belgium

A mate was going to go over to the continent for a couple of parks and he very kindly opened up an invitation for me to tag along. He'd do all the driving, I'd just have to keep him awake for the long drives as the plan would go through Belgium to Cologne in Germany.
Our first park was Walibi Belgium which was having an extended run for Halloween. This year it opened Pulsar, a new water coaster but it also had opened up a number of scare mazes, which would be pretty cool.
It was going to be a busy day, and we had to rework a plan to ride the new stuff, then do what we can before the mazes opened up in the evening.
A nice Autumnal day and it wasn't too cold and we had no skies in the cloud. 
First up, Pulsar, a new shuttle water coaster.
To help capacity the station comes with a turntable allowing the rather efficient operators to load a second car whilst the first was running the back and forth track.
The ride features a bi-directional launch system that accelerates the b…

Film: Azumi

Recommended by a colleague at work, Azumi is an old school martial arts film from 2003 that wasn't too bad.
The story is bonkers, a sensei guy trains 10 kids to be excellent assassins and as part of their final test they have to kill each other with the final five being given the prize of being sent on a mission to kill an evil emperor type bloke and his androgynous sidekick. 
As the only female in the team, Azumi gets to wear a rather sexy, almost schoolgirl like outfit for most of the film and you know where the story is going.
If you like arteries spraying blood when cut and can watch a film with a heavy rock soundtrack then you will probably like this. I now need to find the sequel.

Film: Dr Strange

The latest in the Marvel universe has Benedict Cumbybunch playing the part of Dr Steven Strange, a talented, if jumped-up, surgeon who injures his hands in a car crash and unable to get them fixed hears about a temple in Tibet where a cure may be found. When he gets there he finds Tilda (Basmati Rice) Swinton, a sensei type character who opens Dr Strange's eyes to a dimension beyond the world he's used to.
The story is mostly back-plot to the character but is as well written as you'd expect from a Marvel film. The performances are fine with strong performances from most of the cast including Rachel McAdams who has come a long way since Mean Girls.
But what they saved in money in producing the script they more than made up with the budget spent on the special effects which are the real star of the show. With fight sequences taking place in cities that have been warped like Inception then cut up like a Cyriak video, you will be blown away by the effects, even more so if wat…

Film: Jack Reacher - Never Look Back

Lil Tommy Cruise runs for two hours and Cobie Smulders is able to keep up in a new pair of heeled boots he buys her early on. There's a random daddy daughter sub-plot and he celebrates winning by buying a new white t-shirt.
Forgettable tosh despite the star power.

Comedy: Stewart Lee, Content Provider Preview

I'd originally planned to see an animated film at the Prince Charles but it had sold out (not a surprise) so at a loose end I thought I'd check to see if there were any tickets for the last preview night of Stewart Lee's new show "Content Provider". I was quite fortunate that someone was returning a ticket so I was able to take that and see the show.
and I'm not going to spoil it here. Needless to say Stewart continues to be a master of his craft with a clever ability to not just make a joke funny, but deconstruct it and make that process funny too. A little meta perhaps but it makes it more interesting than the usual observational stuff that peppers the comedy world. 
It's touring now so go and see it.

Graffiti: Camden

Retreading some old ground around Camden
Lost Souls


Dan Kitchener, who has subsequently gone over this with a new one so I need to go back
Amara Por Dios