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Having a week off work I took the opportunity to spend a few days in Prague.
This is the hotel, down the river from the main centre, and far enough away that I could have a restlful night.

The bed

This is the Dancing Building, located close to the hotel. It had it's "waist" pulled in so that local residents didn't have their view of the river on the right obscured. It's designed by Gehry who has done quite a few similar buildings around the world.
A close up of some ornate tower located alongside the river.
The towered gate at one end of the main bridge in the city; Charle's Bridge.
A shot of the main castle complex overlooking the river.
Nice statue close to the old square.
A view of the old square with Tyn cathedral in the background.
People gathering to watch the hourly chime of the famous Astrological clock.
A market near the old square.
A theatre building.
Looking down Wenceslas Square. It's very touristy.
The National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square. It…