Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cans Festival

The May Day holiday is often a time in London for protest and as part of that a large conglomerate of graffiti artists have taken part in "Cans Festival", a public gallery on an abandoned road under the old Eurostar Terminal in Waterloo. Led by Banksy, there are works from around 40 of the world's best urban artists.

The majority of the pics can be found on Flickr as I'm finding that much easier to use than the image upload in Blogger, which only lets you upload 5 pics at one time, and as I have quite a lot to show it makes sense to use that.

The flickr link is here and then I went back on Sunday and took more here.

The show runs for 3 days and will be having new pieces added each day, so I'll be popping back on Monday.

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