Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Porno Fruit!

Ananova - Fruity sweet wrappers spark complaint

Now how would anyone spot this unless they had a fetish for having sex with fruit themselves?

The joy of out of hour support

I work for a big I.T. consultancy. I won't put their name on here as they aren't worth the bytes. In my current role I'm in a team that looks after a client's home shopping website. It's an interesting job and I work with a great bunch of people but the politics and red tape that surrounds the company really puts me off it. Complacency has always been a failure of mine, I doubt I'd ever leave.

Part of my job sees me providing out of hours support, keeping the website up and running for those poor souls who go online at 2 in the morning. I always seem to draw the short straw when it comes to Bank Holidays, actually I schedule myself in especially so that when it comes to Christmas & New Year I have a strong case for not doing it.

So I've been spending the weekend dialled in checking the systems out. Not the best way to spend the August Bank Holiday Weekend. I would have much preferred being at the Reading Festival showing 50 cents the middle finger as apparently happened haha!

This also explains why I'm posting so early in the day. One of the stores just called in with some issues and I've had to go and check things out.

I have another couple of nights to go, then it's someone elses turn.

Monday, August 30, 2004


C is a friend that I've made online over the last couple of years. She made it clear from the get go that we she had no intention of meeting, which is quite cool.

Since the initial chat, she has gotten herself married, written off her best mate, moved more times than I can recall and had a little baby girl. Nothing like the woman I started chatting to.

Anyway, we had a little falling out a few weeks ago when I told her I was uninterested in her views on healthy eating. I should have picked my words better perhaps as she took it very personally..

After some discussion tonight, I think we sorted things out and we're talking again which is cool as I do value the friendship we have even if sometimes I don't make that clear to her.

Bank Holiday Television

Usually I don't watch much TV, especially on Bank Holidays when the major channels just recycle old specials in a cheap way to attract viewer figures.

However this morning BBC1 showed the McGyver movie, truly crap but being a fan of the TV show, when it was on years ago, I thought I'd watch it again. It's all filmed in London, even the Baltic state scenes which were actually filmed in the empty shell of Battersea Power Station (you could see the towers in a couple of shots). Richard Dean Anderson sports a superb mullet and Brian Blessed runs around shouting, because he can't talk at a normal volume.

Truly trashy but it killed 90 minutes today and now I know how to escape from a prison cell using a cigarette lighter and a lightbulb.

What music do I listen to?

I've recently joined the audioscrobbler website. It's quite cool, you download a plugin for your media player and it logs all that tracks that you play on it onto their servers. Overtime you can see your prefered tracks and the site will then highlight people with similar tastes as yours and inform you of tracks that you might like.

My page is shown at the link below. Feel free to judge me on my musical tastes.

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