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New Orleans Graveyards

Not too much to say here other than New Orleans has some amazing cemeteries and if that's your thing you'll love this city. 

Wrestlemania XXX

The main reason for hitting New Orleans at this time was that it was the location of Wrestlemania XXX. Now I know wrestling has its critics but I've grown up with it and have embraced this particulary inner geek. Whenever I watched the big Pay Per Views I always thought it'd be cool to go one day, and for those that no me I've challenged myself to do the things I say that too. Plus 30 would be quite special.
I got to the Superdome very early, a large video wall was showing old main events and there was a beer hall to help get us find our cheering voices. Free wifi helped me kill the time, and I was getting lots of props for my anti-Cena t-shirt. 
Most people were wearing shirts of the people they cheered for. I went for one criticising the wrestler I hated most. A key difference between US fans and UK ones :) To kill time I walked a lap around the stadium and I was called over by security and crew to show the shirt off. I guess criticising one of the company's main st…