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Gig: Chvrches @ Royal Albert Hall

(Christie Goodwin via link)
Chvrches can do no wrong and having watched them grow over the last few years I thought I'd seen them peak at an excellent Alexandra Palace gig last year. Soon after they announced two special UK gigs; the first in London at the Albert Hall and the second at the Hydro in their hometown of Glasgow. I managed to get some tickets for the first, and with it selling out very quickly I knew we were in for something special.
The support came from Shura who sounded like Madonna and looked like Kurt Cobain; we weren't really feeling her set so retreated to the bar.

Chvrches however did not disappoint, with a rock solid set from start to finish playing most of their current album and some of the stronger tracks from their first. As with the Ally Pally show Lauren has learnt to dominate the stage running around almost as much as Axl Rose did at Wembley. A couple of mini stages allowed her to tower that little bit more over the crowd; a simple prop that works …

Film: Victoria

Victoria is a bit of an odd German film that tells the story of an independent Spanish girl in Berlin who meets up with a group of lads after a night of clubbing and ends up becoming part of their bank robbery crew.
The gimmick to this film is that it's a single take movie, and the marketing seemed to focus on that more than the plot. They should have made more of the fact that most of the dialogue is improvised as that blew me away more than the camera work, once I'd realised after I'd seen the film. Being a single take mistakes had to be kept in. At one point Sonne, the lead guy refers to a cafe as a hotel and cracks up laughing. The camerawork is stunning and whilst not overly complicated in technique (descending a roof top staircase is perhaps the trickiest) it doe pull you in to the film.
Performances are great despite some obviously pretend piano playing, and whilst it may seem odd why the eponymous heroine would go along with events, the explanations to her charact…

Event: The Duke Mitchell Film Club

Time for something a little different tonight as I went along to my first Duke Mitchell event, which was their 100th show. I found out about these guys through their Dangerous Men showing at The Prince Charles. With a love of searching video cassettes for the badly made, this was right up my street.
The night started with some trailers for bad shows. My favourite was this. 
Midgets vs Mascots. Something that could be a Jackass spinoff.
We then had a series of short clips, and the favourite in this section was this.
Joe Scruggs is a singer from Austin, Texas who penned bizarre stuff like this.
Following a quick quiz where the prizes were films straight from the bottom shelf of Blockbusters (the winner gave his Adam Sandler film back) we then went onto the main event.
Cool Cat Saves The Kids is one of the worst things I've ever had to sit through. It features a man in a cat suit who teaches kids about not being a bully, how to cross the road and stuff like that. The intent is pure …

Graffiti: Hackney Wick

Whilst at the zombie thing earlier in the week I'd spotted a lot of new graffiti in the area so decided to spend Good Friday exploring the area.

I couldn't be bothered removing stuff out of the way to get this front-on.


Amazing piece by Martin Ron and Jiant