Friday, March 25, 2016

Graffiti: Hackney Wick

Whilst at the zombie thing earlier in the week I'd spotted a lot of new graffiti in the area so decided to spend Good Friday exploring the area.

I couldn't be bothered removing stuff out of the way to get this front-on.



Amazing piece by Martin Ron and Jiant

Liking this one.

The big face is a Sweet Toof piece, and there are loads of his pieces around this area. The gummy teeth and skull heads are trade marks.

This one is quite cool.

The owls are by Dscreet. He and Sweet Toof are part of the Burning Candy crew.

Cute, and probably true.

A tough one to take through a narrow mesh fence. 

Local commentary

I was pleased to see this as I'd read about it previously. This is the battleground of local lad Mobstr's and the local council. It's an amusing read summed up nicely here 

A nice piece.

This is stunning.

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