Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gig: Underworld @ The Roundhouse

That is the only photo I took...

Underworld are touring with their new album, the pretentiously titled "Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future" and as part of that were playing at the excellent Roundhouse venue for 2 nights. I bagged a couple of tickets for the first show and having seen them once before here was hoping for a great show.

and I got it. The tracks from the new album were the weakest of the set, they aren't as dancey or able to get their hooks into you as much as the classics. Also everybody knows the anthems so would swing those tunes in the crowds' favour too. So it's perhaps not a surprise it was the older tunes that got the best response.

Half way through King of Snake the sound was brought down and the venue evacuated. With no announcement we waited across the road in the rain for about 20 minutes before being let back in, however some of the crowd decided to leave, which is a shame as the final quarter of the set was great with a very acidy remix of Rowla, a mashup of Rez and Cowgirl and finishing with the "they had to" Born Slippy. The curfew was lifted and the gig finished late but we got all of it.

Subsequent chatter on Facebook revealed that one of the fire exits was forced open causing the alarms to go off.

A much better gig than last time and I've got plans to see them again at a festival in July. That's going to be special too and the likelihood of evacuating a field because a fire exit has been opened won't be getting in the way that time .

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