Sunday, October 19, 2008


After an attempt visiting the Splatter exhibition only to find it closed, even though when I phoned they said they'd be opened I eventually was able to find an occasion when it was open.

For those that aren't aware the Splatter exhibition has been put together by one of the former members of the KLF, Jimmy Cauty, and his son. Its simply adding the gore into cartoons whilst naming each piece after military actions that have taken place in Iraq and Afghanistan. A simple way to make a statement about the lunacy of an unnecessary war.

The main floor of the gallery is mostly prints but there are sculpture models too (although very pricey) and lots of minor themed items (mouse mats, keyrings etc). I bought the DVD, which whilst short was quite amusing. Downstairs has been put together to look like a workshop complete with Acme crates.

Certainly worth a look. It's at the Aquarium L-13 Gallery on Farringdon Road.

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