Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships 2008

My annual October pilgrimage took place last weekend as I once again headed off to Brixton for the B-Boy Championships, which is THE hip-hop event of the year for me. Having been to everyone so far since the early days at Shepherds Bush its been good to see the event grow in popularity and presentation and this year didn't disappoint.

In the team battles we had a rematch of last year as reigning champs T.I.P. from Korea defended their title against Top 9 from Russia. This year however new champs were crowned as the Russians rose to the challenge and beat the usually unstoppable Koreans. For me though the best contest of the night was Korea vs Trinity Crew from the UK, one of the quarter-final matches which was entertaining from start to finish. I'm a sucker for props and the Brits used a rucksack to good effect.

The event was shown live in Korea, in case you're wondering why there is foreign commentary. A sign of the growing success the champs are having.

Last year's popper winner Salah, who has become pretty famous in his homeland of France did a one-off performance, which was perhaps the highlight of the night.

Just how does he do that with his arms?

In the individual battles Kosto from Top 9 made it a 1-2 win for Russia beating Mouse from the UK

This year's popping champ was Guchon from Japan, who has been in the contest for a few years now but never won.

and in the locking championships Korean girlies Lock and Lol took the title.

All in all a great night out as ever, and I will be there again next year.

Thanks to those people who went along and watched the show through their mobile phone screens so that they could upload the clips to youtube and I hope I didn't upset the kid who tried doing it in front of me too much :D
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