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Dublin 2009

A New Year means time for my annual trek to Ireland to visit Funderland, Kylemore Karting and other pleasures the city of Dublin has to offer. First observation was that the Pound is so crap against the Euro that everything was 40% dearer than last year. The hotel bar was selling a pint of cider for £6, thinking it was just the hotel pinching us tourists we were very surprised to find a nearby pub offering similar for only 20 pence less.

That aside I still had a nice weekend away, definitely needed as I'd worked most of Christmas and New Year.

Here are some pics...

Quite a bit of development had taken place North of the Liffey. This weird tipped cylinder building wasn't there last year. Further up the riverside the main music venue The Point has been replaced with an O2 complex.

The rubbish scrawl graffiti around U2's studios.

Some nice graffiti in a car park.

Look like this has been done by Eine, who's notorious for doing similar around Hackney and Shoreditch in London. Som…