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Fair: Intu Beach @ Lakeside

A small fair by Lakeside Shopping Centre (which I've never been to before). This was worth visiting as the rides had come over from Hong Kong. 
This was themed as a beach resort and there were several others dotted around London. 
The main coaster was the pinfari looking coaster. 
The other was the ..... wacky worm. So predictable.
Mannings were the showmen behind the event. They're doing pretty well for themselves with regular fairs all over the UK and perhaps, more lucratively, abroad.
The beach theme sort of worked.
This was a quick stop; in, ride, sneak photos (security was a bit odd about it) and out.

Gig: Bluedot 2016

Blue Dot is a new weekend-long music festival with a science theme that takes place at Jodrell Bank, a huge radio telescope installation in Cheshire. 
Opening up day 1 was "Professor Brian Cox" (it needs to be said in THAT accent) and friends discussing science on the main stage. Oddly, Welsh crooner Charlotte Church was in the group and she managed to talk science too! 
Following them were the brilliant Public Service Broadcasting who's music fitted the theme of the festival better than any other act I would suspect. It was great when the crowd went quiet during a recording of the Apollo 8 going behind the moon, and cheered when it came back into the radio signal range...geeky but a lot of fun!

The sun goes down on the first day. Bar a tiny bit of rain the weather was great all weekend.

Headlining the main stage on day 1 was Underworld who I'd seen before and think are superb. Karl has so much energy for an old man haha! The set was mostly the latest album with som…