Friday, July 08, 2016

Gig: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @ Koko

So J-Pop superstar was doing a little global tour with her only UK stop being in London so I thought I'd tag along.

Leaving the main floor to the more hardcore fan I retreated to the nice seats at the top. I do like the Koko venue.

The performance was similar to her one in the Roundhouse last year, with 4 backing dancers and the blue gorilla DJ replaced with one who looks like a Christmas tree this time. 

There was no decks on his podium though. He was just dancing.

During the 2 costume changes we'd get weird snapchat style videos like this.

As with last time the final costume change had her wearing her cute bear ears.

Good crowd interaction

and good use of the mirrorball, which she tweeted about after the performance.

A little bit of the final section

Overall a fairly easy performance for Kyary who did this with an injured leg so wasn't into the dance routines as much as last time. A great crowd made this a great performance.

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