Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gig: Lovebox 2016

Some photos from the performances we saw at this year's Lovebox

Formation sound a bit like Rage mixed with LCD and are pretty good.
They don't quite have enough tracks for an album just yet but their tracks are good.
The drummer Kai seemed to have a bit of a fanclub, much to the leads disgust.

George Clinton was really good but there was too much going on on stage. A weird bendy pimp included.

I need to give Oh Wonder another chance. I wasn't in the mood for them on the day.

Jungle were poor, a large contingent of the crowd were into them; not me!

The it was onto the main event. LCD Soundsystem reformed earlier in the year and a lot of the people here today were in attendance to witness their greatness one more time. They were superb!

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