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Gig: Au Revoir Simone @ Garage, Islington

To promote their new album "Move In Spectrums" American 3-piece Au Revoir Simone hit the Garage and gave me my first live gig of the year. This is a band I wouldn't have heard of it hadn't been for the "People who listen to .... also listen to .... " functionality in Spotify. Their track "Crazy" was getting added to quite a lot of playlists too, which also brought them to my attention. Crazy is quite a different track to the rest of their stuff which for the most part has a more dreamy feel to it. Crazy is a straight-up pop rock track.

Live, their sound is great but some of the slower tracks wash over you and don't really hit you in the same way as their more up-tempo tracks do. The slower stuff is perfect for a movie soundtrack, and someone needs to sign them up to do that. I know they work with David Lynch and there is that vibe in what they do.

They played a good mixture of stuff from the new album and stuff I didn't recognise which I&…