Friday, February 21, 2014

Gig: Au Revoir Simone @ Garage, Islington

To promote their new album "Move In Spectrums" American 3-piece Au Revoir Simone hit the Garage and gave me my first live gig of the year. This is a band I wouldn't have heard of it hadn't been for the "People who listen to .... also listen to .... " functionality in Spotify. Their track "Crazy" was getting added to quite a lot of playlists too, which also brought them to my attention. Crazy is quite a different track to the rest of their stuff which for the most part has a more dreamy feel to it. Crazy is a straight-up pop rock track.

Live, their sound is great but some of the slower tracks wash over you and don't really hit you in the same way as their more up-tempo tracks do. The slower stuff is perfect for a movie soundtrack, and someone needs to sign them up to do that. I know they work with David Lynch and there is that vibe in what they do.

They played a good mixture of stuff from the new album and stuff I didn't recognise which I'll assume came from their earlier catalogue. Their finale had the crowd doing the pop cliche double-handclap, so I guess I still have some more tracks to learn for next time. (I've subsequently figured out that track is called "Knights of Wand")

For the most part the girls are on their keyboards which makes it hard for them to put on a show, but they were nice to look at, which worked for me...but not so much for the female friend I was with :)

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