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T-Shirt Hell

No, not a plug for that website, which is very good btw.

I placed an order for 4 t-shirts on this site and the order was despatched very quickly, I definitely couldn't fault the service.

Tonight I come home to find one of the tshirts hanging from a hedge outside the flat. What the hell had happened here? I email the website to find out how they deliver the order if there are more than 1 items in the order, my worry being that the whole order has been sabotaged.

An hour later I go to close the curtains in the living room and spot another t-shirt on another hedge outside, so I recover that one. A quick walk around the neighbourhood and I find the others. I didn't see anybody watching out to see who was salvaging their stuff.

I can only assume that some kids had gotten into the communal entrance to the flat and stolen the package that would have been lying beneath my mailbox (it would be too big to fit in that). It wouldn't have been anyone of age as they'd have kept the t-s…

Daytrip to Brussels

I had this wonderful idea to visit a different city each month this year. In January I went to Dublin for the weekend, I failed to go any in February due to work commitments, in March I visited Amsterdam, and this month it was the turn to go to Brussels to see the Atomium building.

It nearly didn't happen at all when I managed to sleep in. I had set the alarm to the right time, just forgot to turn it on. Fortunately I'm a stickler for adding contingency into my trip arrangements and boy did I need it on this occasion. I was out the door within 10 minutes of having realised the time. It did mean however that I didn't have time for a decent shower and I having not shaved was visiting a foreign country looking rough. Ah well!

I was travelling by Eurostar which would get me there in around two and a half hours. For fifty pounds each way I got treated like a first class passenger being offered as much alcohol as I could drink and a very nice 3 course meal. No idea how I did that …

MacGyver Survival Hints #3

Being on call over the Easter holidays, I couldn't really go out too far so I decided to attempt to get through as many MacGyver episodes as I could. The plan was to get through series 3 and 4, and leave series 5 for another day, however I failed miserably and only managed to get through series 3.

I thought it might be a good idea to document some of the hints for survival that appear in the show. In hindsight I should have started this at series 1, at least now I have an excuse to revisit the early episodes.

If you're ever planning to steal a priceless artifact from a museum, sprinkling scouring powder from a nearby cleaner's cart will show where the infra red laser beams are.If your boss has set the 6 digit combination for the glass case around the same artifact then choose his favourite golfer's birthday as the combination.If the glass case closes around you trapping you inside, breathe on the glass and write the combination so that your accomplice, who you failed to …

Tomb Raider Legend

I bought this on Friday
I completed this on Saturday.

Whilst way too short, it does mark a return to form for the character who's last game was pretty poor. Animation is superb and the new magnetic rope puts a fresh spin on the moving block puzzles that feature commonly in these games.

The music is superb, even if not in Dolby, with some sort of Enya spin to the regional themes that accompany the game's levels of Katmandu, Africa, Tokyo, Cornwall and the Himalayas. Yes, I did say Cornwall.

Alien Autopsy

Everyone's favourite Geordie pair, Ant & Dec make their movie debut (ignoring their cameo in "Love Actually") in this HILARIOUS comedy take on the Roswell Alien Spoof in which they play loveable geordies who get into lots of mischief and antics with an alien corpse.

You're probably wondering "what on earth was I doing going to see this"? Well I didn't, and I don't know anyone who is. I just thought I'd take the piss out of it. Earlier in the week the Odeon in Leicester Square (not the big one but the little one opposite) housed the "World Premiere" of this film. The question I have on that is that I doubt Ant & Dec are well known outside the UK so would be surprised to see it released anywhere else. It was really the "UK Premiere" hyped up. I could be wrong, maybe seeing two little slapheads going "wy aye man" is huge in Bolivia; after all Benny Hill was very British but become world famous.

If you do go and s…

Inside Man

Was going to give this one a miss but was recommended it by a friend and after having an afternoon free from work I decided to see it.

Spike Lee directs this movie, centred around a heist at a New York bank. Clive Owen plays the leader of the gang, believing he has created the perfect robbery. Jodie Foster plays a corporate fix-it (like Jimmy Saville in a suit) sent in by the bank manager to ensure his secrets which lie in the vault don't get out. Denzel Washington is the police negotiator sent in to bring the crime to an end.

The interplay between characters is nicely balanced which each of the three main characters somehow assisting the other two in their demands. The plot isn't too complicated but you do enjoy the ride waiting to see if the heist is successful or not. As it turns out the heist is very clever and quite neat, makes you wonder if the guy who came up with the screenplay comes from a criminal family or not; he definitely has the right imagination for it!

Of the t…

Seeing sound...

An interesting piece on artists hiding images in their music. Anyone who knows how crazy Aphex Twin is won't be surprised that he's done it, but there are other artists too!
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