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Show: Cirque du Soleil Tracker

Just a way to track the shows I've seen and have yet to reach. These are the current active shows. I've seen some others that have been discontinued (Alegria, Dralion, Immortal, Quidam, Saltimbanco, Zed and Zarkana)

This one I've seen twice. It was "Believe" in 2013 and "Mindfreak" in 2016.

This one is a commission for a theme park in France and is the end of day water-themed show.  Theme Parks and Cirque? How have I missed this one? (I'm hoping to get it this summer) 2017 update: Cirque no longer have this on their site but the park still advertise it on theirs.
This one is new for 2017 and looks to bring Cirque to Ice Rinks. It's currently touring the US.

This one has just started its run.

Yay, this is coming to London in 2017 and I have my tickets!
I saw this one in 2016
This is a bit of an obscure one. It's part of the World's Fair in Astana, Kazakhstan. and I have a ticket as I'm going there! Woot!
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Film: The Banksy Job

I'm not sure what to make of this film. I love Banksy but this was more about another "artist" who goes by the moniker AK-47 and who thought it would be a good idea to steal one of Banksy's statues as a prank. The story does play out well and covers the years from when it was stolen and when the "feud" started up until it's eventual conclusion. 
I did laugh but that was more for how the film-makers had pulled the piece together. I can't say I was a fan of AK or his mates, some of who were in attendance and being the east end wide boys you'd expect them to be. Perhaps my view of them was jaded by the fact they thought it was ok to put AK-47 stickers around the venue; that was a bit of a disrespectful gesture to a venue that had gone to the trouble to host their premier. 

Film: Paprika

Paprika is a very bizarre Japanese film. There's a dream detective called Paprika who is the dream avatar of a female scientist working on a project to create a headset that allows dreams to be interacted with and stored. The handsets are stolen and it becomes apparent is trying to merge everyone's dreams into a single super dream that'll take over the world.
Being dreams the animators have free reign to create an anime visual overload which we do get with a parade of toys, tinkerbell, monkey and all sorts of nonsense going on.
The story is ok to follow, it's just weird.
The film came out in 2006 so might not be an easy one to see on the big screen, but do try to get to it should it come your way.

Film: Angel Heart

Angel Heart is 30 years old so the PCC decided to show it and get the director, Alan Parker, in for a little Q&A. The film is spectacular and I think the first film I saw to have a twist ending. I can even remember the first time I saw it, I was baby sitting for a neighbour and they'd got some films in to keep me busy including this one. Such was the impact that I rewound it and watched it a second time (those younger folk won't understand what I mean by "rewound", it was just a thing we had to do back then).
A spectacular story set in New York and New Orleans that has Mickey Rourke playing Harry Angel a low-key private detective who is hired by weird looking businessman Louis Cypher to track down a man who owes him a debt. 
The Q&A went pretty well and Alan is a funny guy. The only thing I got out of it was that he got Mickey at just the right point in his career and that Oliver Stone was difficult to work with. He also talked about the technical challenges…

Gig: Soulwax @ Southbank Centre

Every year the south bank in London runs a mini festival called Meltdown with the art and music lineups chosen by a selected musician. In previous years the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Massive Attack, and James Lavelle have all compered it. For 2017 they went with MIA and whilst a lot of the acts chosen didn't click, when Soulwax was announced I had to be there.
Support came from a strange but compelling pairing of Bolis Popul, the gold-faced guy on keyboards and Charlotte Adigery on vocals. They were actually pretty good for a warm up. I think they're signed to DeeWee, the record label of Soulwax.
Soulwax then came on with a single drummer at the back, two backing musicians in the centre and the brothers at the front. Part way through the intro track the sides opened up to unveil two more drummers. Now a band having two drummers is a band I'm probably going to like, so to see Soulwax go one better was a "wow" moment....and they were superb competing against each ot…

Event: Bug 55

We celebrated the 10th year of Bug with another collection of music video and all round general nonsense from Adam Buxton. 
First up was "Go Up" by French duo Cassius. This created a video mashup of various images, some of which worked and some of which didn't. A nice concept but, and it pains me to say it, Coldplay did it better with Up & Up.
I'm not a fan of alt-j I'm afraid so I think I may have nodded off to their video for "In Cold Blood"
I fared a little better with Kendrick Lamar's video for his track HUMBLE. I'm not a fan of his delivery but the video had a couple of cool bits: the sequence with the heads on fire and the camera shot morphing around him.
Jonwayne up next, this is a rather good animation put to what appears to be a skit on his album. 
Surreal video of the night was probably this one, the new track Fool's Errand by Fleet Foxes. Adam had no idea what was going on in this, and neither did I. The ending with the dog i…

Film: Wonder Woman

A good DC adaptation? Can it be? Well, yes it can. I really enjoyed this film. It's an origins story of how Wonder Woman came to be. Gal Gadot has been well cast into the role and whilst I didn't bother to see Batman vs Superman I hear that her appearance in that was one of the best bits.
It's set during World War 1, and I'm not a fan of historic period films but fortunately it's just the setting and not the focus. The action scenes are pretty good with a little bit of slow-mo used quite well for effect. I'm not quite sure why Wonder Woman insists on wearing wedges though. First Cobie Smulder having to run in heels in Jack Reacher and now this. There's definitely a case building for calling out inappropriate footwear on female leads :)

Park: Dreamland

Some photos from a revitalised Margate Dreamland park. With several millions pounds worth of investment I thought it would be good to see how things are.
New letting on the exterior.
A rather wacky gateway into the rides area.
It's random, but I do like it.
The centre of the park is a large open space with the old entrance lettering now the backdrop.
and facing that a really impressive stage on which a DJ was playing old dance tracks, Beats International's "Dub Be Good To Me" for example. I did chill out here as I was liking the tunes.
A new marble run which given the staff in situ I think there was an issue with it.

There is some really nice theming on the rides. The park wants to tap into the nostalgic past that Margate has. This style suits that really well.

At the back corner is the contentious ride in the park. A large wild mouse which has been stuck in front of a recently constructed residential block without the tenants consent. I think the fault here si…