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Having an opportunity to escape work for a weekend I decided to head abroad. I was going to head to Iceland initially but for some reason chose Athens instead and headed out East. I had 3 aims of the trip; to visit the tourist bits, visit the city's theme parks (which nobody I know had visited yet) and see the Olympic Stadium.

Having been scammed by the taxi driver (the meter said 25 euros but the "extras" brought it up to 40) I checked in. Here's the hotel room. My base for 2 nights!
They'd done a good job cleaning the toilet but there was no satin in sight!
Anyway, having had enough excitement exploring the hotel room I headed into the city. Being in the down season all the tourist attractions had closed for the day so I thought I'd head out to the theme parks starting with the biggest, Park Allou. However this park isn't easy to get to, a half hour estimated walk from Egaleo station, which is at the western end of the city's blue metro line.
Although h…