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Bristol Day 2

Having nailed pretty much all I'd wanted to see in Bristol on day 1, I could relax on the remaining two days and so for one of them I decided to visit Bath, a short train ride away.

Bath Abbey is the big building in Bath. It could have been a cathedral but it gets the Abbey tag because it was used by the monks. It's a nice example of Gothic architecture.

This is the entrance to the main bath building. Home to a natural spa.

A view from the top of the spa.

The spa, random french kid students and the abbey in the background.

The spa, which you're not allowed to touch because it's untreated. A bit odd given generations of people going back to the Medieval times used it for medicinal purposes. Proof that the Health & Safety laws in place are a bit much.

One of the natural channels leading within the spa.

The back end of the spa. There is a bit of the spa that you are allowed to use but at a price, which I wasn't prepared to pay.

A Georgian street in the North of the city.