Saturday, March 15, 2008


I had nothing planned for today so in a rare display of spontaneity I decided to go down to Brighton for a few hours. I knew there were some Banksy pieces here so I thought I'd get pics of them too.

This George Best spoof is found on the Prince Albert pub, not far from the station.

This Banksy piece sits alongside it. This had been attacked in the past but seems to have been restored pretty well and like lots of his pieces is now covered behind perspex.

and alongside the Banksy piece is this airbrushed piece.

Cool blue piece in the Kensington St area, where there is quite an abundance of excellent graffiti.

Kid Creole?

Liking the perspective on this piece!

Really clever use of the building here.

One for the 80s geeks!

Brighton has some amazing displays. I'll be coming back here more often.

I'm surprised this is allowed to stay up, referring to Jesus as a zero.

Another cool blue piece.

There used to be a Banksy piece up here of a cartoon elephant holding up a "vote less" sign. However for reasons unknown it's been painted over. It would have been quite an old piece and so if preserved could have been worth quite a bit. Oops!

The big church down the road from the painted over piece.

My favourite graffiti piece that I saw today.

This was part of a lengthy run that I found behind the main library in the town.

So that's what she's been up to since leaving her TV gig. This was at the other end of the Dr Doom piece.

The pavilion seen from the back. Looks quite drab compared to the graffiti.

and from the front. There was quite a lot of restoration work going on.

I'd not been to the pier for some time, it was just as I remembered it too.

A view from the pier, not the best of days weather wise.

The fairground was pretty quiet, well it was March!

Walking back along the beach in the vain hope of finding a Banksy piece of a girl holding an ice cream. Turns out I was walking in the wrong direction, and its gone anyway!

Some weird art installation on the beach that has something to do with fault lines as its subject matter.

The remains of the old West Pier, which always seems to catch fire every few years. There are plans to get rid of it and replace it with an observation tower.

The Hilton hotel, which famously caught fire a while back, whilst some MPs were staying in it for a party conference.

More graffiti on the way back to the station.

Almost at the station. There's a really big shopping complex opened up near here that I'd not seen the last time I was down.

A nice few hours and although I only found one Banksy piece, the other pieces were amazing and much better than the normal displays we get in London.
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