Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Banksy Exhibiton at Andipa Galleries, London

In an obvious attempt to cash in on the recent interest in Banksy, the Andipa gallery in Kensington has managed to collect a number of pieces and has put them up for sale. Due to the success of the first week they'd opened a second gallery in which they're selling prints.

However with the lowest price being 7,000 pounds there was no way I was going to buy anything. To be honest I prefer trying to find his pieces out on the streets anyway.

Unlike the Santa's Ghetto events this isn't endorsed by or has the backing of Banksy.

The above piece has actually been stenciled outside the gallery as some sort of endorsement but it doesn't look sharp enough to be legit.

Further up the road is the second gallery, which has a number of prints for sale.

There were actually 4 bean cans originally but I guess they'd sold all the blue ones as there were none left.

The pic above is one of his most notorious pieces, originally planned to be sold in his LA event last year it got pulled at the last minute due to complaints from the organisers.

This one sums up the current silly levels of interest quite nicely!
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