Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whilst in Knightsbridge

Having visited the Andipa galleries I decided to have a quick look around the Knightsbridge area, which I rarely go to.

Just down the road from the gallery is some weird protest by someone who seems to have a problem with the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus. I couldn't tell if it was legit or not though. The street is full of galleries and there's one piece in the window which alludes to this being a piece of art. Weird nonetheless.

This is Bibendum, a wicked restaurant which our team went to for our Christmas dinner. It's very flash, way above my usual haunts and it was also the first place I had snails; they were very nice too!

The V&A museum, which I was going to pop into later on.

The Natural History Museum, which you could spend all day at but I chose to have a couple of hours instead.

The amazing dinosaur reconstruction still dominates the entrance hall.

The dinosaur exhibition is still as good as I remember.

The blue whale used to hang higher up but is still very impressive.

The escalator leading up to the planet section. There was some guy speaking to a museum manager here looking to hire this room for a party; rich git!

Just around the corner from the Natural History is the Science Museum. Again, you could spend hours in here but I just wanted a quick reminder of how good this place was.

Then it was onto the V&A, which I'll admit to having never visited before. There's a major exhibition on Chinese technology but it doesn't start for a day or two. So I had to make do with the rest of the displays.

The above pieces look quite impressive but then I realised they were plaster-cast replicas used for training purposes. I only twigged when I recognised the columns from my trip to Rome last year.

In the history of fashion section I was stunned to see a chav tracksuit on display as an example of 21st century fashion.

An amazing glass display hangs over the ticket booth. You don't want to be working under it on the day it falls, thats for sure!

This section was being put together for a future display, but it was cool to open the section up for a behind-the-scenes taster tour.

Just along the road from the museums is the most famous department store in London, Harrods. I didn't risk taking pictures inside, the security are a mean bunch. They told me off for carrying my backpack over my shoulder insisting I carry it in my hand instead.
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