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Graffiti in London, March 08

Well I was in town so I decided to explore the normal graffiti bombing spots in East London. Along the way I found some Banksy pieces I'd missed, some that had changed and a ton of other new stuff.

I quite like the Invader pieces but this one in the vicinity of the Globe is his coolest one yet that I've seen. Now is that Bub or Bob?

Another one near Borough Market, actually above the doorway used in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels that was tagged with a "Not a Photo Opportunity" Banksy piece until a few months ago when it was painted over.

Scrutton Street north of Liverpool St Station. This used to be the location of a couple of waiter rats but is now marked with a rosette.

I quite liked this one nearby.

A Grin Reaper also on Scrutton Street. Quite cool, shame about the defacing.

There were a couple of fake Evening Standard posters found today, both quite funny!

A cool kermit, and I found plenty today. This one is beside the wheel at the Leonard and Paul streets intersection, a common bombing spot.

Toasters are coming back.

I think this is Blackall Street, a small road north of the intersection. There's always loads of great graffiti here.


Lots of these ones seen today too.

Funny! Found on Paul Street.

Now Monsters seems to be a new bombing campaign by someone called Borbusk Leer, but searching on Google drew a blank so I have no idea who it is, but its obviously a fake name. You'll see what these monsters look like later. This is on Willow Street.

Monster #1. Sooner than expected, this one on another side of the phone junction box as the monsters logo.

A couple of Cartrain stencils on Willow St.

This is immense and I can't recall the name of the guy who did it but it looks like the same guy who did one beside a petrol station in Camden Town.

Monster #2

Monster #3

Monster #4

Monster #5

The Banksy Helicopter is still present behind the Chinese restaurant hoarding.

However the Giant Rat and TV through Window pieces across the road are now both covered up joining a number of other pieces that are either being shielded or removed in order to make the property owner some cash. I'm surprised to see this one go as it's the largest piece that Banksy has done in London.

Another toaster found up Pitfield St.

Pretty cool piece in an alleyway off Hoxton St.

This one is on the corner of Hoxton St and Falkirk St and is rather amusingly beside a KFC clone place.

Eine leaves his mark off Hackney St.

A rather amusing framed Daffy at the Western end of Hackney Rd.

Now I'm surprised I missed this one on my large walk last year as it's outside Cargo where I found a number of other pieces of Banksy work.

This is a beautiful piece outside Cargo, which definitely wasn't there last time. I'll need to come back when the place is shut as the open gate is in the way of half the piece.

This is across the road from Cargo and where the boy with brush used to be. This is quite a bold piece though!

Inside Cargo, I have no idea if this is Banksy or not but I know he's done pieces with bombs before.

In Cargo the HMV dog has been preserved behind a perspex sheet.

Obey pieces are still there but these haven't been preserved. Still cool though.

The other big Banksy piece has also been perspexed.

Monster #6

Only one of the "Picnic Place" pieces remains in the Rivington area.

The other fake Evening Standard poster.

Behind this piece is a snorting copper, not much left now except for the coke line.

Uh Oh! Someone's defaced the El Chivo piece in the alleyway between Charlotte and Curtain roads.

The other El Chivo piece on Curtain Rd hasn't fared too well either.

A stunning piece on Holywell Lane

The Death Driver has been put in a perspex box but the Banksy driver has been covered. This doesn't bode well.

Last time I said this was a Faile piece, it's actually an Obey piece. I'm becoming more learned in this street thing :D

Big massive monkey head on Sclater Street off Brick Lane.


Another Obey (not Faile) piece on Brick Lane.

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