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Non Hollywood Weekend

Used the bank holiday to catch up on some films that I had missed at the cinema and all of them are American made but not Hollywood fayre.

The Woodsman
Kevin Bacon shows how great his acting has become in this movie which given its subject matter is unlikely to get the recognition it deserves. A brave move for all those involved in it.

Kevin plays a convicted paedophile, released after an 8-year sentence, and trying his best to get back to normal life; not easy when he's located opposite a school. The film is disturbing but not graphic, it's all the ideas of what might happen that makes you feel the way you do. A key scene with a young girl that the guy befriends is particularly depressing.

One to watch if you're up for something off the normal Hollywood path of movie making.

An independant movie about 2 guys spending a week in the wine growing area of California; one guy is still hanging onto a past relationship, the other is about to get married and wants to have a f…

Given up on it already

Stopped watching Big Brother after one day.
The "personalities" (used in the loosest sense of the word) are dull, very dull.

Unfortunately this show gets so much coverage I'm not going to be able to avoid it, even if I want to.

They're in...

Big Brother 6 is officially underway with the 13 housemates now introduced. Here's my thoughts on each.

Gay black posh tory; quite a strange combination. He's also the oldest housemate at 40 and whilst not the most annoying he's not going to win. Being a fox hunt leader isn't going to endear him to anyone.

Came dressed in a PVC nurses uniform and not much else judging by her embarrassment as she made her way up the stairs. Seems to be very superficial, comparing herself to the other women in the house. Too shallow to win.

Sex mad Oxford student who apparently would have taken a vibrator into the house but broke it. She's quite hot and is already getting the attention of the males. Too pretty to win I think though. The hottest of all the women IMO.

The North London Geezer who seems to be sure enough of himself withough being arrogant. Looks like being quite a laugh. Not sure who'll vote for him though.

Calls herself a two-faced bitch. I th…

Freeview has a new channel, or two.

Today is the first night of Big Brother 5. To coincide with that show the powers that be have put E4 onto Freeview. This means I'll get to see shows like 6ft Under and Bo' Selecta before they appear on channel 4. Sweet!

Whilst searching for new channels it also picked up Men and Motors. The launch of this one has been kept quieter perhaps because of it's content haha!

Phew, what a scorcher!

Today has been the most glorious day and according to the news the hottest day in May for 50 years. Why do people collect such stats I wonder?

Anyway I've had a shit week at work so what better excuse to leave early than to get out to enjoy this. Apparently it's only supposed to last til Sunday. At least I won't be staying in this weekend.

Lego Star Wars - Completed

I just completed the game today, only had it over a week but it is so easy to play that I've been on it non-stop.

Looks like they're going to make a sequel too. Cool!!!

Colonel Blimp

Colonel Blimp is a music video production company that has been responsible for some of the best videos in recent years with a heavy focus on British Acts. This website contains some full videos and some short clips that are worth watching.

Artists include
Goldie Lookin' Chain
Chemical Brothers
The Streets
Scissor Sisters
Dave Clarke (Looks very strange indeed)
Dirty Vegas (An absolutely superb video to "Days Go By")
Benny Benassi
Graffiti (A great track that should have got a lot more airplay)
Fatboy Slim

For the more visually disturbing stuff take a look at Dominic Hailstone section. If Chris Cunningham needs replacing then this guy has to be in the running.

Battle Royale

I love Battle Royale. If you've not seen the film I highly recommend it.

If it's so far passed you by here's a quite synopsis (ooh, he used a big word!!!)

Some time in the near future, schools have lost their discipline and kids are becoming unruly. So a law is passed to take a class of kids at random, put them on an island, each armed with a different weapon, and have them kill each other until only one survives. To make sure they play the game they're all fitted with explosive collars around the necks set to detonate if they stay in one place too long. If after 3 days more than 1 person survives all the collars are detonated.

The film is just superb, the idea is too far out to have been made by the west and I think it's still too radical to be played in America; if you're out there try to locate it. It's definitely worth it. There's a twisted sense of humour running through it e.g. with the weapons one kid gets an uzi whilst another has to make do with a…

Are all town centres the same?

One of the reasons for moving to where I have is that nearby in Sutton there is a really nice pedestrianised town centre. Last weekend I went to Croydon which is also close by and noticed a lot of similarities between the two so I'm wondering if every town centre is the same.

I've noticed that town centres all contain the following.

A chinese man who will make your name by bending metal into shape (do they exist in Greece or Sri Lanka where names are extrmemely long I wonder)
A group of South Americans who play pan pipes, probably to raise enough cash for the flight home.
A japanese man playing some oddly stringed instrument through a loud PA, usually surrounded by a crowd of people not really into the music but wondering how the hell the thing he's holding makes the sounds it does.
An old man who should know better trying to busk by singing old Big Band songs, admittedly better to sing "Mac the Knife" than be under it.
A congregation of young kids all smartly dressed,…

Musical Baton

I spotted this on a friend's website and whilst it's supposed to be passed on it seems to be getting passed around through people picking it up. So here's mine.

This is an update to the pass-around-the-email surveys which have been doing the rounds over the last few years. This is more a pass-it-around-the-blogs type thing, meaning its actually much more useful and interesting because you can see what everybody else has answered.

Total volume of music files on my computer is…
A rather hefty 16 Gigs.

The last CD I bought was…
"50,000,000 Soulwax Fans Can't Be Wrong" by 2 Many DJs. At the moment I'm a big fan of bootlegs and mashups where you take the vocal from one track and the melody from another and put them together to make a new composition. There are some great albums and mixes out there at the moment and 2 Many DJs seem to come up with the most eclectic so far. I've not bought a CD for a while though, now that I have iTunes. If we're to count th…

Ong Bak

I hadn't been to the cinema for a while and it's been ages since I'd seen a foreign movie so I decided to go and see Ong-Bak, a Thai film that is doing the rounds at the mo and getting some great reviews.

Whilst the story isn't going to get any Oscars it does deserve something for it's action sequences; to say they're breathtaking would be an understatement, especially when you realise that no CGI or wirework was involved in the action sequences. Tony Jaa really does do double somersaults, dives head first through loops of barb wire and cartwheels between 2 sheets of glass (you have to see this last one, quite amazing).

People are claiming Tony Jaa is the new Jackie Chan but I disagree, sure he's nimble and a talented martial artist but he has no charisma. He looks like a frog and sounds like he's inhaled helium. I think the director realised his limitations and made sure his vocabulary was kept to a minimum.

I also feel sorry for the stunt men in this fil…

Pics are uploaded

I've gone for MSN spaces to hold my images, just because they have a nice slideshow feature.

The link is over on the left...

Holland Report

The weekend was great and whilst we weren't fortunate with the weather we were extremely lucky with the queues with just about every ride being a walk on. In fact the longest queue I recall was 10 minutes for Goliath.

Toverland was a nice surprise. It's one of those parks where kids and adults-who-act-like-kids can just muck about. Our first impressions were that we wouldn't be allowed to take part on the majority of it but we were. So we climbed to the top of everything, rode the longest metal slides I've ever seen (even better that they consisted of rollers all the way down from some great speed-sliding opportunity) . The other observation I had was that the UK HSE would have a fit if they saw some of the stuff this place had; 10 kids on the same trampoline, 5 year olds walking along an enclosed rope bridge a good 20 feet off the floor and a highrope assault course with no way of getting to anyone who got stuck along it. The kids were loving all of it and it just show…

DVDs watched this Bank Holiday Weekend

This was OK but I preferred the original. Who on earth thought casting Queen Latifah as a cycle courier would be a good idea?

Without a Paddle
Not bad, tries to be Road Trip but fails to be as funny. Who on earth thought casting Burt Reynolds as a wild hermit would be a good idea?

The Twins Effect
Quite good Hong Kong spin on the Blade movies. Who on earth thought casting Jackie Chan as a ambulance driver would be a good idea?

Shaolin Soccer
Truly appaling Kung Fu meets Football movie. Who on earth thought putting these two genres together would be a good idea?

Walking Tall
Surprisingly OK film starring The Rock as a ex soldier who returns to his home town and fights corruption in his hometown from some old friends. Who on earth thought a WWF/E wrestling star who became famous through being able to raise his eyebrow, could become a bonafide movie actor?

Disappointing movie that is marketed to appeal to fans of Hustle but has very little to do with cons. Who on earth would have thought…

A very funny (but gross) J-Lo story.

I found this on popdoh and it made me laugh. Thought I'd share it with you.

"Remember a few years ago when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were here shooting Project Greenlight?" (They had gone to Sundance to interview directors and writers and try and create a publicity stunt and an episode out of it.) "I was doing sound in the condo where they were both lodging and filming. At one point Ben took a break from shooting and disappeared upstairs to his bedroom. By mistake he left his wireless mic on."

"Jennifer Lopez was there with Ben, but was hiding out in his room the whole time. At first when I heard Ben kissing her hello, I immediately went to turn the volume down on my headphones. But then they started kissing loudly and making noises, and I felt so guilty, but I left the sound up, and heard Jennifer saying 'I love you baby, I love you... You wanna get busy, baby. You wanna get busy?'"

"Then I heard Ben reply, .'Are you sure you're f…

A strange Orbital coincidence

Orbital recorded a track with a voice over by Christopher Eccelstone.
Christopher Ecclestone is the current Dr. Who.
Orbital also re-recorded the Dr. Who theme tune.

Nightmare Journey Home

I had to go back up to the old flat today. The residents had complained about a hoover I'd left by the bins. When you're as old as they all are you have to complain about big issues like this. With the council refusing to pick it up, I had to get rid of it. Whilst I was up there I decided to pop in and say "hi" to Mum and Dad and watch Takeshi's Castle.

I left there at 18.30 to return home, a trip that should only take 2 hours.
When I got to Kennington the line was stopped due to a train further down breaking down. So I left the station and jumped on a bus to Streatham figuring that was on the way home.

I got to Streatham and headed the wrong way to the station, eventually realised and turned back. Got to the station to realise the train I wanted doesn't run the same on Sunday i.e. it doesn't stop there at all.

Got another bus back to Balham, which was on the mainline route home, but jumped off thinking I was there when I wasn't. I was at Tooting Bec, 1 s…