Friday, May 27, 2005

They're in...

Big Brother 6 is officially underway with the 13 housemates now introduced. Here's my thoughts on each.

Gay black posh tory; quite a strange combination. He's also the oldest housemate at 40 and whilst not the most annoying he's not going to win. Being a fox hunt leader isn't going to endear him to anyone.

Came dressed in a PVC nurses uniform and not much else judging by her embarrassment as she made her way up the stairs. Seems to be very superficial, comparing herself to the other women in the house. Too shallow to win.

Sex mad Oxford student who apparently would have taken a vibrator into the house but broke it. She's quite hot and is already getting the attention of the males. Too pretty to win I think though. The hottest of all the women IMO.

The North London Geezer who seems to be sure enough of himself withough being arrogant. Looks like being quite a laugh. Not sure who'll vote for him though.

Calls herself a two-faced bitch. I think this is the one who's character will develop over time. She seemed to be too reserved at the moment.

Instantly despised by the crowd by his posing. Has the looks to please the women but is way too smug. Early departure for him I think.

Stereotypical Italian who is going to remain in the house for a long time on the strength of his looks alone.

Nubian Princess who has way too high opinion of herself but doesn't seem to be fully with it and is a little bit dense, at least based on her first chat with Big Brother.

Here's the complete arrogant knob although his persona in the house is much quieter than his interviews.

The total wildcard. A white witch who believes she has been abducted 7 times. Made her entrance looking like she'd strayed off the Lord of the Rings set. One of 2 people that I think will attempt to escape.

And here's the other escapee. A rapper, poet with a lot to say. I don't think the house is going to be challenging enough for him. Seems similar to Victor from last year.


Very endowed women, looks quite pretty but aspires to be a footballer's wife which has put me off her already.

This year's Marco. A way too camp cross dressing gay. Will probably do quite well as a result.

First challenge has already been set. As the unlucky 13th contestant Makosi has to get more votes for the first week nominations if she is to avoid eviction. This means she has to be nasty to them. However she didn't really understand what was being asked of her so I think this challenge won't work and hopefully they'll get rid of her.
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