Monday, May 02, 2005

DVDs watched this Bank Holiday Weekend

This was OK but I preferred the original. Who on earth thought casting Queen Latifah as a cycle courier would be a good idea?

Without a Paddle
Not bad, tries to be Road Trip but fails to be as funny. Who on earth thought casting Burt Reynolds as a wild hermit would be a good idea?

The Twins Effect
Quite good Hong Kong spin on the Blade movies. Who on earth thought casting Jackie Chan as a ambulance driver would be a good idea?

Shaolin Soccer
Truly appaling Kung Fu meets Football movie. Who on earth thought putting these two genres together would be a good idea?

Walking Tall
Surprisingly OK film starring The Rock as a ex soldier who returns to his home town and fights corruption in his hometown from some old friends. Who on earth thought a WWF/E wrestling star who became famous through being able to raise his eyebrow, could become a bonafide movie actor?

Disappointing movie that is marketed to appeal to fans of Hustle but has very little to do with cons. Who on earth would have thought I'd have been stupid enough to fall for such a cynical marketing trick?
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