Friday, May 20, 2005

Are all town centres the same?

One of the reasons for moving to where I have is that nearby in Sutton there is a really nice pedestrianised town centre. Last weekend I went to Croydon which is also close by and noticed a lot of similarities between the two so I'm wondering if every town centre is the same.

I've noticed that town centres all contain the following.

A chinese man who will make your name by bending metal into shape (do they exist in Greece or Sri Lanka where names are extrmemely long I wonder)
A group of South Americans who play pan pipes, probably to raise enough cash for the flight home.
A japanese man playing some oddly stringed instrument through a loud PA, usually surrounded by a crowd of people not really into the music but wondering how the hell the thing he's holding makes the sounds it does.
An old man who should know better trying to busk by singing old Big Band songs, admittedly better to sing "Mac the Knife" than be under it.
A congregation of young kids all smartly dressed, standing in a circle holding hands praising the Lord for giving them something better to do than sell drugs on a Saturday afternoon.
Market traders trying to compete for having the loudest and most unintelligible shouting. You'll hear the majority of what they're saying but you won't be able to make out the item they're trying to sell e.g. "Get you boorrers", "pound a berrwwwies for a pound"

Well people spotting offers a nice break from the humdrum of shopping.
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