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Alton Towers and Drayton Manor

First weekend back from Japan and it's off to 2 more parks and 2 new rides; Rita: Queen of Speed at Alton and G-Force at Drayton Manor.

To be honest I was quite happy to spend both days taking pictures rather than running around to make sure I got on all the rides. I guess I was just coastered out after the Japan trip, or perhaps it's that I've been to these parks so many times that they no longer offer me the excitement they used to do.

Alton was extremely busy and the longest wait was just over an hour for Air. Fortunately I ended up getting a front row seat which was a bonus. Nemesis is benefiting this year from a newly installed Single Rider Queue. The girl running this was really nice too ;) All the more reason to go back from more than one ride. They've fixed Hex which was missing a key lightbulb for the last couple of years. As for Rita? Well it's not a bad little ride and it seemed to be really popular with the general public. Apparently recent surveys have …

I love Japan

Well I'm back from what has been a really amazing trip, and Japan has totally blown me away. I covered 20 parks and just under 70 rollercoasters in 12 days, quite a pace but not as tiring as other trips I've been on. On top of that I also made sure I did a ton of sight-seeing, either staying out late at night or getting up at the crack of dawn and seeing places before the coach left in the morning. I was really pleased with the amount that I got to see but I do have reasons to go back. Rather than write a boring day-by-day report, before I went out I had a list of missions that I'd like to try to do. Here is how I got on.

Buy a gadget from Akihabara.
This is the electronic shopping district in the North-East of Tokyo and the plan was to buy some gadget from there. The problem I had was that the itinerary didn't leave us enough time to get there when the shops were open. What I had to do was hit it in the evening and hope the shops would be open. At the start of the trip …

Spam, Spam, Chips and Spam

I got my first comment spam today, and I thought my Hurricane Katrina post was just popular. Well I'm not interested in boosting my sex life (well I am but I don't require potions to do so) so I've had to start blocking them.

Fortunately the blogspot site has new functionality that requires a password to be entered before the spam is accepted. This should get rid of the majority of the automated spammers.

If you're real, and wish to post a comment, please do so. I hope it's not too unwieldy now.

36 hours to go

On Saturday afternoon I will be departing for Japan, for what I'm hoping will be one of the best holidays I've ever been on. It is a club trip and originally we were going to do 16 parks in 12 days. They've managed to squeeze another 2 parks in and there's another a short walk from one of our hotels that wasn't on the itinerary. That's a lot of coasters in a short amount of time.

My one concern is that the itinerary is so tight that I won't get to see the sights that I want, but the parks close at 5 in most cases and if I don't get the coach back to the hotel I can go off and spend a few hours each day in the different districts. We will definitely hit a major club, and I'm considering not going back to the hotel that night but staying in one of those capsule places which are in the area.

I've done all the research that I can, and have printed off a ton of maps that I've been compiling in Google Earth. I've never done so much research befo…


I was recommended this film by a friend but having just endured it I think it's because she wanted to discuss this extremely complex movie with somebody.

I'll try my best to explain what happens...

2 geeks build a machine that exists in 2 places in time. When it is started up it records point A and when you enter the machine later on at point B you then fluctuate between those 2 points. The geeks discover that if you entered the machine at point B you could emerge at point A. So they devise this plan that sees them spending the day starting the machine up first thing in the morning then going and spending the day in a hotel. In the afternoon they find what share prices went up then go back to the machine, enter it and then emerge at the point the machine was turned on whilst their former selves are making their way to the hotel. They then bet on the shares then return back to the box, exiting at the point they entered it.

That's the easy bit.

They then discover that they could…