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Film: Captain America: Civil War

This Summer's Marvel double-bill begins with the latest Captain America film, "Civil War" based very loosely on a very old comic story. In this tale some of the Avengers get carried away saving the day and cause an accident that kills several people. In response government passes legislation to control what they get up to and this splits the Avengers in two. Iron Man heads up the team who side with the government; Captain America heads up the rebels.
Not to give too much away the film is very good with a great ensemble cast with some new characters replacing a couple who are obviously missing (but if you watched Ultron you know where they are). We get Black Panther, who is pretty good and we get another that should have been kept secret but some executive clearly thought it was worth spoiling by putting him the trailer...(something that has also just happened with the new X-Men trailer, why do they this?).
Ultron had a decent enemy; with this one it's missing. The o…

Gig: Above & Beyond Acoustic @ St-John-At-Hackney Church

A few years ago A&B did a tour where they adapted some of their tunes to be played by a small orchestra. I totally missed it, only discovering it on Spotify several years later; I guess I don't immerse myself in trance regularly enough. In 2016, they announced their second tour in the same style and this time I went.
For years Above and Beyond have been producing some of the best trance tunes out there, mostly under the general public's radar which is a shame because some of their pieces are beautifully structured and if trance was written in crayon, these guys write in pastels. They deserve wider recognition than they get. The fact these guys are classically trained should mean that playing classical versions of their tunes would be something special, wouldn't it?
Of course it would. The music was stunning and the two regular singers Zoe Johnston & Justine Suissa have been joined by first-timers Natalie Holmes and Coby. All of them were faultless if a little appr…

Graffiti: Tooting

I've been to Tooting over the last couple of months to photograph the graffiti there. I'd never gone into the market, and again as it was early I thought I'd pop in.
A Graffiti Goldmine...

Graffiti: Hackney

Revisiting Hackney

Love this

A new Paul London piece.

Usually there's a van parked here.

Graffiti: Shoreditch

Continuing my walk through Shoreditch