Monday, April 04, 2016

Comedy: Old Rope

A good show this week spoiled slightly by some drunk Arab guy who made too much noise and was eventually walked out. Handled beautifully by the acts.

Tiff Stevenson (compere) revealed that the old guy who signs you in is her dad. Top bloke.
Milton Jones told us a quick joke about Martin Luther King's washing machine.
Paul Macaffrey told us about his pubes.
Mike Wilmot, a gruff sounding Canadian chat joked about Step kids and toast
Jena Friedman, act of the night, was happy she could still fit in her 9/11 jeans and coined the word "abobo".
Dan Antopolski gave us his alpha mouse theory on mouse droppings and who'd make the best bin men. I've not seen Dan in a long time and good to see he's still as random.
Aisling Bea showed us sign language for "suck my cock"
Eric Lampeart (Headline) told us the differences between French, American and British people. He was good!
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