Sunday, April 03, 2016

Graffiti: Brick Lane Area

A quick walk around some new back streets in the Brick Lane area. Some of these are doubles, but still good.


Part of a larger Phlegm piece

My favourite in the car park off Brick Lane. This one has been there a few weeks and nice to see it holding up. I've no idea who it's by.

This one is new and is stunning.


Mr Cenz

Some one has extended the Otto Schade piece.

A beautiful wallpaper piece.

I've no idea what to make of this one, close to the Truman Brewery building.

I don't know if the piece that looks to be behind the OWED tag is part of the piece or if the tag has ruined what could have been a cool piece.

The next set were found around Liverpool Street Station

Someone liked this so much they went to the trouble of putting a gold star on it.

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