Friday, April 29, 2016

Film: Captain America: Civil War

This Summer's Marvel double-bill begins with the latest Captain America film, "Civil War" based very loosely on a very old comic story. In this tale some of the Avengers get carried away saving the day and cause an accident that kills several people. In response government passes legislation to control what they get up to and this splits the Avengers in two. Iron Man heads up the team who side with the government; Captain America heads up the rebels.

Not to give too much away the film is very good with a great ensemble cast with some new characters replacing a couple who are obviously missing (but if you watched Ultron you know where they are). We get Black Panther, who is pretty good and we get another that should have been kept secret but some executive clearly thought it was worth spoiling by putting him the trailer...(something that has also just happened with the new X-Men trailer, why do they this?).

Ultron had a decent enemy; with this one it's missing. The one bad guy isn't strong enough to warrant a challenge and we end up with two hours of in-fighting, but with the punches being pulled and hardly anyone being seriously hurt. In the comic book one of the superheroes dies; they weren't so bold in the film. I therefore found it hard to be pulled in for the ride.

There's a lot of CGI in this film and the action sequences are all the better for it. The best scene by far has to be the airport fight but I loved the bike chase earlier on too. Another thing that bugged me was Bucky Barnes' hair. He had Paul Oakenfold curtains throughout; annoying.

and it's interesting how this individual has moved from liking Black Widow to Scarlet Witch, although all she seems to do is wave her arms around she trounces Vision, which was a fun scene too.

So enjoyable? Yes. The best film in the series? No. 

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