Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sightseeing: Nancy

On the second day God created the sky. On my second day in Nancy I thought I'd do a quick bit of sight-seeing before heading back home.

That's my hotel, which I do recommend although if you're claustrophobic you're going to want to avoid the lift.

Lots of cool architecture in this city. This was at the end of the road the hotel was on.

and look what I found nearby, it does exist!

Standard cycle shot.

In the centre of the city is Stanislas square, a listed UNESCO site (YAY!!!) 
As city squares go it is most resplendent #IfBillAndTedDidTourism

In two corners are some stunning gold capped railings bordering some nice statues.

Here a young boy makes a dragon puke.

A man shows off his wand whilst a horse pukes

Kids, who must have stole the wand, forcing a giant fish to puke

The square was striking.

The Here Arch was built in the 1800s and honours King Louis XV

Walking from the square through the Here Arch towards the city's Basilica.

St Epvre Basilica has quite a large array of stained-glassed windows in there but as there was a service going on it seemed inappropriate to take any photos.

The Porte de la Craffe was built towards the end of the 18th century and marks one of the main gates into the centre of the city. A cool looking structure.

This is the back of it, not as impressive.

The city park, Park de La Pepiniere has a small zoo and collection of amusement ride.

No coasters!

A peacock seems to have the freedom to go where it wants.

The goats when let out for the day went into a ritual of determining who was going to be the boss for the day with some jumping and butting contest going on.

Some macaques take shelter from the rain looking at me as if to say "look at the stupid creature out in the rain"

The park was cool though and even so early in the day (I was out before the Chinese tourist o' clock) there were still runners out in the park.

Port Desilles is another gate into the city.

When Stan Lee is in town he'll no doubt end up here.

Liking the architecture. 

A nice find from my counterpart, which he found the night before and that I had to photograph in the light of the next day.

Then it was time to go home, little tip. Always get your ticket stamped in these things before boarding.

On the return leg I'd booked the wrong class of ticket and with some Euro's left thought I'd splash on the upgrade. Bear in mind they don't take cash at the station. This is the dinner on the way back.

So, a fun weekend and I was really pleased with how the rail travel went. I could easily see myself going back for me weekend hops like this.

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