Sunday, April 03, 2016

Graffiti: Camden

A final stop for the day having heard there were some new pieces in Camden I thought I'd drop by.

I knew about the Irony girlfriend piece but the heads are new.

True dat

These are all on Stucley Place, a narrow road just off the tourist filled main road.

The Otto Schade rhino is still holding up well.

Argiris Ser, the same artist who did the big piece on Commercial Road.

All of these are on Hawley Mews. The final piece is the same guy who did the Tooting renaissance style piece. I guess the cartoony artist which exists on both is an attempt at humour.

Work in progress. The flamingo looks exactly like the one in Hackney Wick I saw a few weeks ago.

Irony did the right-hand side. I've no idea who did the lion. Nice piece though.

An Invader piece that I've probably overlooked countless times.

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