Thursday, April 21, 2016

Exhibition: Goosebumps @ Waterloo Vaults

This'll eventually become a kids attraction but for the first weeks the organisers have added some additional stuff to create an adult-version of the attraction currently hiding under Waterloo station. I know nothing about the books but assume some of what goes on in here are based on that.

Without giving too much away it's basically a number of performances that you walk between in which small scary stories take place, with different levels of crowd interaction. There are a number of jump scares; the best one managed to send a fully grown man to the floor in super quick time.

Some of the sets run longer than others and perhaps a tad too long, but early reviews about long waiting times between weren't seen on our visit.

I'd happily go again. It'll be interesting to know if the sets are different depending on the group you're in (you're split up at the start). You do come together at the end for a great set featuring some of the creepiest clowns I've ever come across.


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