Sunday, April 10, 2016

Park: Paulton's Park

Paulton's Park is a park I last visited many years ago but since then has had some sizeable investment including a licensed Peppa Pig area which has brought a step-change in the company's success. My clan had asked to go there so this was my late Christmas present for them; a couple of days at the park.

The entrance is fairly low key but the tree is pretty cool being an easily overlooked fountain.

That's the exit and obligatory gift shop.

The Peppa Pig section is full of kids rides, some of which are quite high if you're quite low.

Obviously I couldn't go too crazy with the camera in a kids park and I'm not going to put the clan online so only a few photos are posted in this part of the park.

The crows added a more sinister tone to the area.

The kids can do a meet and greet with the equally sinister Peppa and her family

Park Pano

This part of the park was very busy though. More families were pouring into this part than the other. 

The carousel was pretty good but we were more impressed with the topiary around it.

Critter's Creek is a bright coloured, weirdly themed ride full of hybrid animals (my favourite was part squirrel part worm - A squirm) and a re-themed coaster now called Cat-O-Pillar. I'd ridden this the last time in it's Stinger guise.

Cobra is for now, still the best coaster in the park. A great first drop leading into mouse hairpins and finishing with a series of hills with a final one dropping into a bath.

If the weather is good the country park part of Paulton's is opened up and there's a good selection of random birds.

In the background is a new section of the park with a dinosaur themed part of the park and two rollercoasters, neither of which were open today. The inverted was still wrapped up in places on the track. The shuttle behind it was undergoing testing.
An OK rotating drop tower (not that I rode it)
Mind the meerkats....

This was probably the most enjoyable ride of the day, and we spent more time on this than anything else.

Penguin feeding time and 2 chancers trying to get to the fish without having to swim for it.

We had a really good time at Paulton's and the park was extremely clean, the staff were great and everything that could be run was running; as a guest you can't ask for much more than that. I knew I was going to miss the new rides so will pop back next month to pick them up.

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