Sunday, April 24, 2016

Graffiti: Brick Lane

Being in town early following the all-nighter I thought I'd head over to one of my usual graffiti hotspots and check what's on the shop shutters before they open.

Usually the gates are wide open so cool to finally get these like this.

The fish piece still looks great. I think this AMEK addition is new though.

New Fanakapan

An old C215 still bearing up well.

I didn't have to wait for tourists to move out of the way for the Dale Grimshaw this time around.

A lovely Artista


A previously unknown Dank, so it was definitely worth hitting this area.

A striking piece

Loving the fat lines in this.

An old Obey and Invader pairing. This time I had the rising sun hitting them.

The single character edit still makes me laugh

I can see this Fanakapan sticking around for a while. Amazing.

A "Meeting of Styles" event looks to have taken place in the old allotment site near Brick Lane. I will need to get back there when it opens up as I can't get the view from outside the locked gate. A downside to being here at 8am on a Sunday.

The subtle difference that results from a single blue line.

The Dskreet piece still holding up well too.

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