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There Will Be Blood

It's very good but be warned, there will be blood.


Sylvester Stallone brings us back a kiddy-unfriendly movie that harks back to the original 80s movies, leaving today's political correctness and sensibilities behind, and the film is refreshing for doing that.

The story is hokum; missionaries get themselves kidnapped and slurry speaking Rambo, with the assistance of some cliched mercenaries go into deepest Burma to get them out.

There's a little bit of a slow build up but when the fighting kicks off it does so in style. The body count is immense and feature an entire truck full of soldiers getting machine gunned and even arrows through the head.

I was expecting a bit more of the ending, it just ends abruptly after an admittedly long gun fight. We then see Rambo go back home to a ranch in middle-America, which sets us up nicely for a Brokeback Rambo sequel.

Be Kind Rewind

A Michel Gondry, which lacks the Michel Gondry feel.

Jack Black has an accident with a power station and stumbles into a local video store and wipes the entire collection. Not wanting to disappoint the owner Danny Glover, who is out of town, the stand-in manager and Jack decide to remake low-budget remakes of the movies to please the punters. Having developed a following they then need to raise the cash to save the video store from being demolished to make way for condo development (movie cliche).

The film has a few funny moments including some inspired camouflage costumes, using inversed photocopies of their faces when filming night shots during the day and using a pizza as a blood spill.

We get remakes of Rush Hour 2, Ghostbusters, Boyz in the Hood amongst others.

But the film is a bit bland and disappointing, especially as I'm a fan of Gondry's visual style which came across well in both Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine. Its more another vehicle for Jack Black to show off …


A rather silly film about a young lad who with the assistance of a magical jumper (hence the title of the film) is able to teleport around wherever he wishes. The film starts with him wearing a fetching grey number as he teleports from under an icy lake into a library. Discovering his amazing ability he continues to wear his knitted top through the remainder of the film jumping from Fiji to Egypt to the inside of a bank from where he gets the money to fund his expensive teleportation lifestyle.

Tracking him down is a secret Christian sect called the Paladins who don't like jumpers, choosing instead to wear Samurai tops stolen from wardrobe department of The Matrix movies. They've been tracking the teleporting people for hundreds of years and are able to prevent them from getting away by electrocuting the (although they fail to explain how they were able to capture them before electricity was invented).

Assisted by a british guy who is able to bounce around with a magical t-shirt…

More and more and more and more Banksys with some bad news

Another sojourn around London to find a few more Banksy images in and around London

This is the dbase TV men in Angel, which I got last year on the big walk, however I failed to notice, or it was added later the Banksy rat.

A close up of the forementioned rodent.

Mao wheatpaste near Kings Cross station.

This is the museum curator on Martineau Road close to the Emirates stadium in Arsenal London. This has been preserved a few times in the past so it'd be interesting to see whether it gets repaired again. I don't know if the "All the best NOA" tag was part of the attack or posted afterwards.

A rather cute piece in Stoke Newington in North East London.

A new burst of graffiti complaining about other art types.

Both of these were in Stoke Newington.

These posters are scattered all around the Clerkenwell and Farringdon area of London. I have absolutely no idea what they're about.

The toaster pieces are all over London and is seeing a resurgence. This one I spotted near Old Str…

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

This film is so amazing I'm going to end this opening sentence with three exclamation marks!!!

OK so it's all a bit made up (apparently there's only 1 resolute table, not 2 as the film would make us believe and would Queen Victoria really have been in cohoots with the Confederates?) but the film ticks along at an OK pace and if you leave the brain at the door on the way in (almost a given on any Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie) you'll enjoy it.

Anyway Nicholas Cage and chums travel around the world trying to locate the Native American's city of gold (which I thought was in South America and belonged to the Aztecs). Attempting to out-Indiana Jones before that movie comes along, you get the normal over the top stunt scenes and water stages that still don't look as good as the one used in The Goonies.

Not too bad, and it definitely looks like there will be a third.


I had a weekend with no plans, and as there were no club nights to distract me I thought I'd visit a city I'd never gone to before. I chose Newcastle as I'd passed through it on many an occasion on the way to Edinburgh, and it seemed to be developing itself as a place worth going to.

First obstacle was how to get to the hotel. I'd chosen the Holiday Inn Express Metrocentre building which is a 10-minute train ride from Newcastle to the Metroland station and a 10-minute walk from there. However this place seems to have been built with drivers in mind, it wasn't an easy place to walk to. I had to walk alongside A-roads and clamber over crash barriers to get to it.

To save you the grief there's a riverside walk that, although a bit muddy, will bring around the back of the hotel. It's safer than negotiating the traffic.

Having dropped off the bag, I made my way back to Metroland, this time using the river walk. Metroland is located within the Gateshead MetroCentre,…