Sunday, February 10, 2008

More and more Banksys

Even though I thought I'd found pretty much all of the pieces in London, more and more keep appearing. Here's 3 more (well 2 and a scar)

This one was one that I spent ages walking the streets of Farringdon for only to eventually realise that it was inside a building rather than painted on it. In this case it's one of his girls with bomb works that can be found within Fabric nightclub, and to save you spending too long looking for it as I did when our work had their Christmas party there, it is located at the entrance to the toilets on the main floor.

This one can be found in East London near the junctions of Whitecross Street and Roscoe Street. I got this one after work one night, it was only a small walk from the office. Called "Ratapult" I don't think it's been around that long.

On the way to this one I'd noticed that the Clerkenwell rats that had been painted around for a long time had finally been painted over. A pity...

This is all that's left of another rat this time in Farringdon across the street from the girl being grabbed by the cashpoint.
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