Saturday, February 23, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

A Michel Gondry, which lacks the Michel Gondry feel.

Jack Black has an accident with a power station and stumbles into a local video store and wipes the entire collection. Not wanting to disappoint the owner Danny Glover, who is out of town, the stand-in manager and Jack decide to remake low-budget remakes of the movies to please the punters. Having developed a following they then need to raise the cash to save the video store from being demolished to make way for condo development (movie cliche).

The film has a few funny moments including some inspired camouflage costumes, using inversed photocopies of their faces when filming night shots during the day and using a pizza as a blood spill.

We get remakes of Rush Hour 2, Ghostbusters, Boyz in the Hood amongst others.

But the film is a bit bland and disappointing, especially as I'm a fan of Gondry's visual style which came across well in both Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine. Its more another vehicle for Jack Black to show off his zany Tenacious D persona.
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