Monday, February 18, 2008

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

This film is so amazing I'm going to end this opening sentence with three exclamation marks!!!

OK so it's all a bit made up (apparently there's only 1 resolute table, not 2 as the film would make us believe and would Queen Victoria really have been in cohoots with the Confederates?) but the film ticks along at an OK pace and if you leave the brain at the door on the way in (almost a given on any Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie) you'll enjoy it.

Anyway Nicholas Cage and chums travel around the world trying to locate the Native American's city of gold (which I thought was in South America and belonged to the Aztecs). Attempting to out-Indiana Jones before that movie comes along, you get the normal over the top stunt scenes and water stages that still don't look as good as the one used in The Goonies.

Not too bad, and it definitely looks like there will be a third.
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