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A rather silly film about a young lad who with the assistance of a magical jumper (hence the title of the film) is able to teleport around wherever he wishes. The film starts with him wearing a fetching grey number as he teleports from under an icy lake into a library. Discovering his amazing ability he continues to wear his knitted top through the remainder of the film jumping from Fiji to Egypt to the inside of a bank from where he gets the money to fund his expensive teleportation lifestyle.

Tracking him down is a secret Christian sect called the Paladins who don't like jumpers, choosing instead to wear Samurai tops stolen from wardrobe department of The Matrix movies. They've been tracking the teleporting people for hundreds of years and are able to prevent them from getting away by electrocuting the (although they fail to explain how they were able to capture them before electricity was invented).

Assisted by a british guy who is able to bounce around with a magical t-shirt (t for teleportation perhaps) the two of them try to evade the bad guys whilst rescuing the girl, who in a big cliche manages to get herself kidnapped.

In short the film is shite. If you've seen the trailer then you've seen all there is to see. The acting is rubbish, you don't feel any sympathy for any of the characters. The only good thing is Jamie Bell's acting (he plays the brit) and who knocks Hayden "wooden jedi" Christensen into second place. Not even Samuel Jackson's coolness could save the film, partly because of his ridiculous white hair.

They've set it up leaving it open for a sequel but its more like a pilot for a TV series, which would likely be pulled before the first season was complete. A shame as with the right story the idea could have been pretty good.
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