Saturday, February 23, 2008

More and more and more and more Banksys with some bad news

Another sojourn around London to find a few more Banksy images in and around London

This is the dbase TV men in Angel, which I got last year on the big walk, however I failed to notice, or it was added later the Banksy rat.

A close up of the forementioned rodent.

Mao wheatpaste near Kings Cross station.

This is the museum curator on Martineau Road close to the Emirates stadium in Arsenal London. This has been preserved a few times in the past so it'd be interesting to see whether it gets repaired again. I don't know if the "All the best NOA" tag was part of the attack or posted afterwards.

A rather cute piece in Stoke Newington in North East London.

A new burst of graffiti complaining about other art types.

Both of these were in Stoke Newington.

These posters are scattered all around the Clerkenwell and Farringdon area of London. I have absolutely no idea what they're about.

The toaster pieces are all over London and is seeing a resurgence. This one I spotted near Old Street.

and in finding the toaster I inadvertently found this very faded toxic spill rat, which is directly under it. A total fluke that I found it, it wasn't the one I was looking for!

Another toaster and more of those anti-art posters in Clerkenwell.

Some pretty cool posters in Farringdon. The NW5 posters are everywhere at the moment and here I was in EC1. My favourite one here is the 3rd one which reads.

HMP London Open Prison, ID must be carried at all times.

Photographer rat in the Exmouth Market area of Farringdon. Another fluke!

This was the cash machine grabbing girl piece which is now protected behind a piece of sheet steel. Following the Portobello Market piece recently selling for £200,000 it looks like the larger pieces are now being protected from attack.

What worries me with this one is that the "All the best NOA" tag is sitting alongside indicating that it may well have been attacked too.

and this was the Old Skool piece in Farringdon which is now under a temporary structure supposedly to protect it from the elements, but as it has been there for over a year I think the piece is being taken from the wall instead.

A little invader piece on a bridge behind Farringdon station.
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