Friday, February 08, 2008

Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber of zzzzzzzzzzz......

A movie adaptation of a musical of a man who kills people and his girlfriend who bakes them into pies. But is it any good?

I know it's based on a musical but I'm not the biggest Sondheim fan and I actually think I fell asleep during this, and I've not done that for a long long time; I even made it through Shitman for heaven's sake.

Johnny Depp has his Cockney voice taken from Pirates and Helena Bonham Carter manages to look even uglier than she did in Planet of the Apes. Even Sacha Baron Cohen reminded me of his Borat persona too much. The singing is bad, even more so when two characters are singing different lyrics over each other. That's just stoooopid. The most annoying character is this little blonde haired kid who should have been killed off too.

There's a major mistake in the position of the barber chair and how the killed bodies are able to fall through to the cellar when the main indoor area of the pie shop is in the way (it'll make sense if you make the mistake of watching it). Perhaps there's some sort of portal either side (should that be "pie-tal"). Oh, and if the barber shop is on Fleet Street how come it's not on the same road as St Pauls.

Even Tim Burton's visual flair fails to save the movie. Perhaps I went into this with the wrong expectations?
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