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Comedy: Old Rope

A full house this week, and I found out the old dude on the door is Tiff's dad!
Tiff Stevenson (Compere) - Still dry and managed to get "coma bandanas" into her routine.
Jon Hastings has visa issues and doesn't like being late.
Sara Pascoe told us about wheelchairs and shaving.
James Acaster wants a long weekend and told us about the word "they".
Robin Ince told us about the time Alex Cox burnt his mouth on a pie.
(Didn't catch his name - Luke Tulsa?) went on about blowjobs and callcenters.
Felicity Ward. Red hot go! and a finger yawn.
Nish Kumar taught us about what gentrification really means.
Carl Donnelly (Headliner) Did a bit about not being the one.

I realise in typing these up I've forgotten the jokes...

Graffiti: Shoreditch

There's always new stuff in Shoreditch so if I'm in the area I'll always drop by.

This Dank piece has been there for a while now.

This was work in process when I last went along this road, so nice to see the finish product.

The Village Underground piece wasn't painted this time. It's a huge print that has been erected instead.
Liking the colour on this.

That's pretty good, just a shame it's an ad for a game.

There's been some new pieces added to Sclater Street; that's the road that joins Shoreditch to Brick Lane.

I'm liking this one. Just a shame a market had appeared since I'd passed it earlier in the day.
Nice detail on these pieces.

Ben Eine on one of his regular walls.

No idea, but I quite like this.

Graffiti: Hackney

Taking a bus from Bethnall Green home, we passed through Hackney and usually here the pieces are blocked with traffic, but I didn't see that going on today so I decided to jump out and get some photos.

The Roa hare needs some TLC.
Sweet Toof
Ben Eine has done a few of these cheese pieces around the area.
A nice geometric piece by Low Bros

A couple by Angus


Zabou. I'm starting to like her style a lot.
Otto Schade
Another Zabou

Graffiti: Bethnal Green

At the NZCA Lines gig a couple of weeks ago we walked from Bethnal Green station and spotted some graffiti on the way but it was too dark to photograph so I decided to head back at an earlier time of day and explore the area. I walked up as far as the canal path.

Jim Vision and Irony

Trust Icon. I couldn't be bothered moving the bags to get the full shot.
The full wall