Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Film: Triple 9

Heist movies are a genre that I like so when I saw the trailer for Triple 9 I thought this might be worth seeing...but sometimes the expectations are not met by a long margin, and this is what happened here.

There's a group of high-end robbers, some crims, some dirty cops who have to undertake some jobs for a Russian Jewish mobster family who have one of the crews' family held to ransom. The second job can only be done if they cause a big enough distraction to divert backup police away from the location, and they decide on killing a cop (code 999) as the means to achieve their plan.

So there're crosses and and double crosses as the team aim to pull off the job. Will they succeed?

The characters are very one-dimensional.
It's hard to sympathise with characters who are inherently bad, and in this film only one isn't.
Woody Harrelson has a knack for stealing the film, even when he doesn't have a major part.
The director thought it clever to show us Gal Gadot's ass before her face.
Chaucer wrote the Pardoner's Tale many years before this (obviously) but there are parallels.
Snoop taught me that the code for downed cop was "a 1-8-7 on an undercover cop" i.e. there isn't a unique code for a cop down. A quick check on wikipedia reveals the 999 code doesn't exist.
"Brave" Kate Winslet is a Russian boss with appropriate accent.
It's great to hear Cypress Hill's first-album track Pigs being played in the film; it's not so great that they've used a censored version. B-Real would never call someone a "sissy", we know it's supposed to be "pussy".

So should the film be seen? Read the title with a German accent for my answer!

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